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Narendra Bhawan Bikaner tells the story of the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner, His Highness Narendra Singhji.

Born on the cusp of a new India, the young Prince was shaped by the influences and privileges around him. Despite a life of royal patronage, he turned his gaze away from the lifestyle of his forefathers, put aside his noble heritage along with the rich legacies of his past and established a haveli like residence which was in keeping with his new tastes and outlook.

The Bhawan in this contemporary rendition thus celebrates an individual’s passage through time; from that of a royal birth to the makings of a global citizen, and from there on to an exponent of freedom who embraced the idea of a modern, democratic India. Set in an urban landscape this Residence today is an independent Design Hotel with a one-of-a-kind legacy and a set of curated experiences that should be continued, preserved, and celebrated.

A Grand Residence, Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is a salute to its heritage. It presents through the curiosity of artefacts and objects, the life of the last Maharaja of Bikaner, its original resident, who came into prominence in a new and modern India.

The Bhawan is most unconventionally curated. It is a museum of wonders handpicked from travels to destinations near and far. Memorabilia from a pulsating Bombay influenced by the burgeoning Art Deco movement, influences drawn from the glamour posts of Broadway; dark inviting caverns, rich velveteen fabrics, chiffons, and pearls; utterly stylish – all added to the profusion that led to the fashioning of this eclectic private palace-residence. 

In the past

Bikaner’s history dates back to 1488 when a young princeling from the Jodhpur dynasty broke away from his family’s ancient legacy and sought to establish his own lineage. The site he chose was rather peculiarly called ‘Jungladesh’ and was an uncontested, barren, outcrop of land.


Breathe in Bikaner

Break away from the bustle of the city life and soak in the calming rhythm of Bikaner

Best of Bikaner

Feel at one with the historic city of Bikaner - A cultural oasis and a traveller’s haven

A Bikaneri Holi

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